Reiki Master Certification

September 9 | 12-4:30p

Reiki III is about self-mastery which promotes a process of living and learning from a place of inner power. Reiki III students experience a heightened energy vibration and a deeper understanding of healing power.

After completing Reiki level 2 many are called to share Reiki with others by learning the attunement process. As you begin attuning others to Reiki you will be deepening your healing energy. In Reiki III you will learn how to use the sacred Reiki symbols to unlock the body's own healing potential. In Reiki III you will learn the master Reiki healing symbols to complete the 6 Reiki symbols used for deep healing. You will learn advanced healing techniques and have plenty of practice attuning others. This class is ideal for Reiki students who are striving to advance in Reiki with both knowledge and practice.

$300 by August 27
$350 thereafter