Linda Abely

Linda Abely, RYT completed a 200 hour Yoga certification program with concentration in Hatha Yoga; the program integrated the physical, mental, philosophical, and spiritual aspects of yoga. In early 2000, Linda was unable to continue her customary high impact gym workouts and turned to yoga as a form as exercise and has not returned to the gym since (unless teaching). After reaping many rewards physically, mentally and spiritually, yoga became her path. Practicing yoga has been able to reduce the stress for this working mom and brought balance into her life. After dedicating years of self study and becoming a 200 RYT, Linda wants to share the benefits of transformation that yoga has brought into her life with others. Her goal is to infuse self-confidence, tranquility, strength and a sense of well-being into her students by using distinct sequences of asana and pranayama. Linda continues to study and evolve on her yogic journey and will intertwine these lessons throughout her mixed level classes.