Donna Copponi

Donna began practicing yoga several years ago, much the same way others come to yoga; hoping, to help manage pain, gain strength and bring balance to her life. As subtle changes occurred, her interest in yoga grew.  Donna began taking more classes, spending more time with her teachers, asking questions and, noticing how, what she was learning was aligned and, remarkably, connected to other areas of her life.  After continued practice and much thought, Donna enrolled in the 200 hour Teacher Training at Tranquil Souls Yoga Studio.  She is grateful for the teachers who encouraged her to challenge herself and, pursue a deeper practice.  Through the careful and thoughtful guidance of her teachers, Donna was trained in Hatha Yoga, learning asanas (poses), pranayama(breath work), and the sutras (yogic philosophy).  Fortunately, however, she was exposed to so much more!   Ayurvedic Science, Reiki, and Meditation are just some of the topics that were incorporated into the teacher training program and, solidified her desire to continue to learning and, eventually, share her knowledge.  Donna has come to know the benefits of a daily practice in all areas of her life. She is grateful for the gift of her yoga tribe and, the support of her family, friends and students.  She is content in knowing that they are all connected, as we all are, to something much bigger.  Donna is certified in Reiki I, trained in the Fundamentals of Yin Yoga and, has knowledge of meditation and mindfulness.  Donna hopes to encourage students in her classes to trust their bodies, calm their minds and, to release all expectations of what a yoga practice should look like and, to always remember , we are all different, each one of us, unique, and perfectly imperfect.