Courtney Bertulli

Courtney’s yoga journey began over 10 years ago after college when she started working in the corporate world. It began as a means to unwind and de-stress after a long day. She loved how it freed her mind and allowed her to focus on her breath. Courtney had danced from a young age through college and felt she was losing flexibility and range of motion while sitting at a desk all day. Yoga allowed her to open up, lengthen, and decompress after a long day of sitting. She began to travel regularly for work and noticed that her yoga mat would always make its way into her suitcase! She discovered that it allowed her to create a much-needed balance in her personal life. In January of 2013, Courtney plunged head-on into the Baptiste 40 Days to Personal Revolution and never looked back! She was amazed by the power of meditation combined with a regular asana practice, journaling, and nutrition. She knew she wanted to continue to grow in her practice and signed up for a 200-hr certificate on. She learned so much during her training that she decided she wanted to share it with others. Courtney teaches a power vinyasa flow and hopes to help others thrive (both on and off the mat) by nurturing mind, body, and soul. She strives to create a safe haven on the mat free from the obstacles of everyday life.